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BRDC est une plateforme de partage d'opportunités de voyage.

BeRDC2: Travel Deals Sharing Platform ✈️ 🏆

Welcome to BeRDC2, a robust travel deals sharing platform designed to provide a seamless experience for users and administrators alike. This platform is crafted with modern technologies to ensure efficiency, responsiveness, and an array of features for travel deal management.

BeRDC2 represents the enhanced version of its predecessor, BeRDC1, which is currently live at Both BeRDC1 and BeRDC2 are labor of love 💙 and patience 😌 by @junkwama🧑‍💻.


Technologies Used

BeRDC2 leverages the following technologies to create a powerful and dynamic application:

  • Front-end💻:

    • React
    • Redux
    • Bootstrap 5
    • Sass
  • Back-end🔌:

    • Node.js
    • Express
    • Socket.IO
  • Database💾:

    • MySQL (DBMS)

Key Features

BeRDC2 offers an extensive range of functionalities, including:

  • Offer Sharing: Users can publish offers, receive feedback, and actively engage with the community through offer comments and reactions.

  • Deal Management: The platform facilitates listing, filtering, and comparing different travel deals. Candidates can easily apply to the deals of their choice.

  • Application Processing: BeRDC2 efficiently manages and processes a large number of applications. Agencies' administrators can announce results instantaneously.

  • Real-time Messaging System: Users can engage in three types of conversations - GROUP messaging, INBOX messaging, and AGENCY-USER messaging - all in real-time.

  • Powerful Notifications: BeRDC2 ensures users are kept informed with a robust notification system that provides updates on relevant activities.

User Roles

BeRDC2 supports various roles, including:

  • Agency Master
  • Agency Admins
  • Candidate
  • And others...

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