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Dotfiles, vim and bash configs

These are my configs. They are personal, opinionated and not really optimized for reuse by other people.

On the other hand, they are easy-to-deploy and cross-platform, and maybe someone will benefit from reading or forking them. Anyway, keeping them on github means that I can easily fetch them everywhere I want.

How to install

Install on the localhost:

  1. Fetch the repo: cd ~ && git clone
  2. Install dotfiles: ~/etc/script/install_dotfiles

Distribute to the different host: ~/etc/script/distribute HOSTNAME.

How to configure or expand

You can add any localhost-specific configuration to the bash/local bash script. It's gitignored, btw.

OS-specific bash configuration should go into bash/{linux,mac,freebsd,debian} scripts.

If you need a new dotfile, add it to dotfiles/ and re-run script/install_dotfiles. All dotfiles are symlinked.