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Haskell GLSL

Comparative examples of Modern OpenGL in Haskell

These are the examples I wish I had when I started learning OpenGL. There are more examples in the wild of the deprecated pre-3.0 API than of modern OpenGL, and of course nearly all are in C(++). The usual assortment of GLUT and other windowing frameworks doesn't help.

These examples (will eventually) cover several different choices of Haskell wrapper over OpenGL:

  • modern buffers & VAOs using the OpenGL package
  • GLUtil wrappers to reduce boilerplate & imperative style
  • vinyl-gl (extensible Haskell records, GHC type hackery) to remove more boilerplate

All examples use GLFW-b for windowing. There are a few helper functions in src/Util which are used in all the examples.

If you are using these examples and find something missing or difficult to understand, please open an issue. Pull requests are also welcome.

The example programs:

  • wikibook ports a few examples from the excellent OpenGL Wikibook
  • glfw (2D rotating triangle, based on the example that ships with GLFW)

Running cabal install in this directory will build all of the tutorial examples. Take a look at the .cabal file to see how the executables are named.

On Ubuntu, you will need (at least) the following packages installed:

libgl-dev libxcursor-dev libxi-dev libglu-dev


Vladimir Lopatin has a good set of tutorials on modern OpenGL in Haskell. They have more detail on interactions with GLFW-b and do not use GLUtil or vinyl-gl.

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