Howto: Use the bleeding edge

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This is a highly condensed and Berkshelf-specific implementation of @mitchellh's Vagrant plugin guide. For detailed development steps, please read the official guide.

  1. Edit your Gemfile:

    source ''
    group :development do
      gem 'berkshelf', github: 'berkshelf/berkshelf'
      gem 'vagrant',   github: 'mitchellh/vagrant'
    group :plugins do
      gem 'vagrant-berkshelf', github: 'berkshelf/vagrant-berkshelf'
      gem 'vagrant-omnibus',   github: 'schisamo/vagrant-omnibus'

    Because vagrant plugin commands don't work in development, this is how you "install" your plugin into Vagrant. Vagrant will automatically load any gems listed in the "plugins" group.

  2. Edit your Vagrantfile and make sure you are using the 2.0 configuration:

    Vagrant.configure("2") do |config|
      # ...

Please note Vagrant.require_plugin is no longer necessary.


  1. Install all dependencies

    $ bundle install
  2. Use bundle exec before any commands

    $ bundle exec vagrant up