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Berkshelf Plugins

This is a list of community-contributed plugins for Berkshelf. A few notes:

  • Please do not open issues regarding a community plugin on Berkshelf. Create the issue on the plugin first please.
  • Plugins are listed in alphabetical order for consistency.


  • berkshelf-bzr - Add support for downloading cookbooks from Bazaar locations.
  • berkshelf-hg - Add support for downloading cookbooks from Mercurial locations.
  • vagrant-berkshelf - A Vagrant plugin to add Berkshelf integration to the Chef provisioners.

I want to add my plugin!

  1. Plugins should be prefixed with berkshelf- for consistency.
  2. Create your plugin on github - be sure to include tests. We will most likely not list a plugin that is untested.
  3. Fork the Berkshelf project on github.
  4. Edit this file, adding your plugin. All plugins must be on github. The format for a plugin is:

    [Linked Project Name](#) - A short description of the plugin, what it does, why it exists, etc. ([Optional Link to Plugin Website](#))

    For example:

    berkshelf-myface - A plugin to add myface support to Berkshelf.