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(deprecated) - Homebrew tap repo for platform's dependencies.
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Formula deprecated


use opam instead.

BeSport Platform Dependencies

These dependencies are required by the BeSport platform, but we put them here for anyone to use.

To install them :

  • Setup the BeSport tap (ignore any warnings about already-existing ocaml)

     brew tap besport/ocaml
  • Install OCaml from source (we still need a special patch for things to work correctly)

     brew install --source besport/ocaml/objective-caml
  • Install Dependencies

     brew install ocaml-aws ocaml-calendar ocaml-camlzip ocaml-cppo ocaml-cryptokit ocaml-data-notation ocaml-deriving ocaml-easy-format ocaml-eliom ocaml-ev ocaml-findlib ocaml-imagemagick ocaml-jsofocaml ocaml-leveldb ocaml-lwt ocaml-net ocaml-oasis ocaml-pcre ocaml-aliases ocaml-react ocaml-sqlite3 ocaml-ssl ocaml-typeconv ocaml-tyxml ocaml-xmlm ocaml-yojson ocamlify ocamlmod ocaml-biniou ocaml-ocsigenserver
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