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Laravel Email Confirmation

This package is to add email confirmation to Laravel 5.4 or 5.5 project.

It should be used after php artisan make:auth command but can also be added to existing project.

There is a french presentation of this package.


  • create a migration to add confirmation columns to users table
  • create routes for confirmation confirmation/resend confirmation/{id}/{token}
  • add an artisan command to override login and register views
  • send email notification with registration
  • add translations for notification (there are french, english, arabic, swedish and spanish translation ones)
  • block login for not confirmed user and launch an alert with resend link for notification
  • block auto login on password reset for not confirmed user


Add package to your composer.json file :

    composer require bestmomo/laravel-email-confirmation

For Laravel 5.4 add service provider to config/app.php (with Laravel 5.5 there is the package discovery):


From V1.1.5 you must publish the migration with:

    php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Bestmomo\LaravelEmailConfirmation\ServiceProvider" --tag="confirmation:migrations"

Run the published migration:

    php artisan migrate

Change trait reference in LoginController :

    use Bestmomo\LaravelEmailConfirmation\Traits\AuthenticatesUsers;

Change trait reference in RegisterController :

    use Bestmomo\LaravelEmailConfirmation\Traits\RegistersUsers;

Change trait reference in ResetPasswordController:

    use Bestmomo\LaravelEmailConfirmation\Traits\ResetsPasswords;


  • If you have used the php artisan make:auth command

Override login and register views to get confirmation alerts :

    php artisan confirmation:auth
  • If you have custom scaffold

You must add alerts in login and register views. Here are 2 examples with Bootstrap.

Login view :

@if (session('confirmation-success'))
    <div class="alert alert-success">
        {{ session('confirmation-success') }}
@if (session('confirmation-danger'))
    <div class="alert alert-danger">
        {!! session('confirmation-danger') !!}

Register view :

@if (session('confirmation-success'))
    <div class="alert alert-success">
        {{ session('confirmation-success') }}

Optional Publish

If you want to do some changes or add a language you can publish translations :

    php artisan vendor:publish --tag=confirmation:translations

If you want to do some changes to confirmation notification you can make a copy in App :

    php artisan confirmation:notification