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Laravel 5 example

For Laravel 5.3 improved version look at this repository.

Laravel 5 example is a tutorial application for Laravel 5.2 (in french there).


  • git clone projectname
  • cd projectname
  • composer install
  • php artisan key:generate
  • Create a database and inform .env
  • php artisan migrate --seed to create and populate tables
  • Inform config/mail.php for email sends
  • php artisan vendor:publish to publish filemanager
  • php artisan serve to start the app on http://localhost:8000/

Another cool way to install it is to upload this package, unpack it in your server folder, and just launch it and follow the installation windows. It has been created with my laravel installer package. Anyway you'll have to set the email configuration.

Nitrous Quickstart

Create a free development environment for this Laravel 5 example project in the cloud on by clicking the button below.

Nitrous Quickstart

In the IDE, start Laravel 5 Example via Run > Start Laravel 5 Example and access your site via Preview > 8000.



  • Home page
  • Custom Error Page 404
  • Authentication (registration, login, logout, password reset, mail confirmation, throttle)
  • Users roles : administrator (all access), redactor (create and edit post, upload and use medias in personnal directory), and user (create comment in blog)
  • Blog with comments
  • Search in posts
  • Tags on posts
  • Contact us page
  • Admin dashboard with new messages, users, posts and comments
  • Users admin (roles filter, show, edit, delete, create)
  • Messages admin
  • Posts admin (list with dynamic order, show, edit, delete, create)
  • Medias gestion
  • Localisation

Packages included

  • laravelcollective/html
  • bestmomo/filemanager


To test application the database is seeding with users :