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Mtac as a Plugin

Typed Tactics for Coq 8.5

Copyright (c) 2015 Beta Ziliani

Based on Mtac 1.2, with contributions from Jan-Oliver

Distributed under the terms of the MIT License, see LICENSE for details.

This archive contains the intepreter of Mtac as a plugin.

The archive has 3 subdirectories:

src contains the code of the plugin in mtac.ml4, and the interpreter in

theories contains support Coq files for the plugin. Mtac.v
declares the plugin on the Coq side, and the main inductive type
for Mtac. Hash.v is a hash-table, and Mtactics.v contains some useful tactics.

test-suite contains files testing the different features of Mtac.


The plugin works currently with Coq v8.5. Through OPAM, this plugin is available in Coq's development repository:

opam repo add coq-released
opam repo add coq-extra-dev
opam install -j4 -v coq:mtac

Otherwise, you should have coqc, ocamlc and make in your path. Then simply do:


To generate a makefile from the description in Make, then make. This will consecutively build the plugin, the supporting theories and the test-suite file.

You can then either make install the plugin or leave it in its current directory. To be able to import it from anywhere in Coq, simply add the following to ~/.coqrc:

Add LoadPath "path_to_mtac/theories" as Unicoq.
Add ML Path "path_to_mtac/src".


Once installed, you can Require Import Mtac.Mtac to load the plugin. The plugin defines the following option to execute a Mtactic:

  • Tactic run t as h taking Mtactic t and defining h as the result of the execution of the tactic in the local environment.
  • Tactic rrun t taking Mtactic t and refining the current goal with the result of the execution of the tactic.
  • Notation Mrun t to execute Mtactic t as part of a term.