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About Bettex coin

To solve a problems of the centralized systems, we created a project called "Bettex project". Our main idea is to set up a decentralized betting exchange based on the blockchain, where a cryptocurrency will be used as a means of payment. Decentralized betting exchange "Bettex" will be based on the blockchain. It will follow the principles of decentralization, a distributed network, cryptography, etc We will eliminate many problems of the gambling industry by using the basic cryptoindustry concepts in "Bettex project" Bets with "BETTEX" will become more available, reliable and secure!

Coin Specs

Block Time60 Seconds
Difficulty RetargetingEvery Block
Max Coin Supply (PoS Phase)50,000,000 BTXC
Premine1,000,000 BTXC*

*1,000,000 BTXC Pre-mine will be burnt in block [550500]

Reward Distribution

Genesis Block
Block HeightReward AmountNotes
01,000,000 BTXCInitial Pre-mine, will be burnt in block [550500]
1100,000 BTXCFor bounty

PoW Rewards Breakdown

PhaseBlock HeightReward
Phase 12-8001 BTXC

PoS Rewards Breakdown

PhaseBlock HeightRewardMNStakers
Phase 1801-18002 BTXC80%20%
Phase 21801-150003 BTXC80%20%
Phase 315001-216004 BTXC80%20%
Phase 421601-432005 BTXC80%20%
Phase 543201-648008 BTXC80%20%
Phase 664801-12240015 BTXC80%20%
Phase 7122401-16659929 BTXC80%20%
Phase X166600-Infinite4 BTXC90%10%

DevFee Reward

PhaseBlock HeightReward
Phase 143200200010
Phase 243200-166599(every 10080 blocks)12510
Phase X166600-Infinite(every 10080 blocks)20010