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v3.0.0 2016 May 4

  • Converted from CoffeeScript to JavaScript
  • depth and showHidden properties now respected when converting objects to strings on node versions above 0.10
  • objects converted to strings will now be colorised is color config property is true
  • API is now simplified, the class is exported directly, and createHuman is now just create

v2.1.2 2014 January 10

  • Updated dependencies

v2.1.1 2013 October 23

  • Added create API to make life easier when doing one liners
  • Project meta data files are now maintained by Projectz

v2.1.0 2013 May 6

  • Replaced cli-color with ansicolors and ansistyles for their lighter footprint and browser support
  • In debug mode, debug line will now be dimmed, rather than the message line being brighter
  • The debug line seperator is now also styled

v2.0.2 2013 May 2

  • Fixed colors

v2.0.1 2013 April 25

  • Node 0.8 support

v2.0.0 2013 April 25

  • Extracted from the main caterpillar repository for the stream rewrite