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An ambient music generator, based on user uploads
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  1. Integate with OmniAuth, so users can share socially

  2. Create a 'meta-ensong' feature, so people can group together ensongs and play them.

  3. Create Jasmine Tests and RSpec Integration tests.

*************************************************************************** FINISHED


- Favorite can be applied to a collection. 
- User can apply a favorite on a collection while listening to it.    
- Added popover on front page so user knows why they can't if they can't.

Audio Player

- Audio Player can play audio files
- Audio Player can play multiple audio files at once. 
- Audio Player segments can cycle through inert, options, playing phases. 
- Random mode created!


- User can sign up.
- User can log in.
- User can upload audio files
- User can look at their own collections.  Can delete collections. 
- Users can visit other people's collections.  
- Demo Account

User Page

- look at your collections / your favorite collections.


- Sort the Loops by:
  -Most Favorites
  -Most Recent (default)

Make Own Header


- Made flat like rest of site

Resize enso - 25x25 px


-Implement 'em


-Complete on both Rails / Backbone ends
-Moved Social vendor JS/HTML into its own partial.


- Javascript 'about' plugin.


- Audio Player segments animation (with much prettiness) from one part of the cycle to the next. 
-Add lighter opacity on indivdiaul loop options so that users know it's a button.


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