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BG Network's Embedded Security Software Architecture (ESSA), a collection of scripts, recipes, configurations, and documentation for Linux, enhances cybersecurity for IoT devices, including secure boot, encryption, authentication, and secure software updates. The ESSA enables engineers to extend a hardware root of trust to secure U-Boot, the Linux kernel, and applications in the root file system.

This repository is based on WinSystems/c444-manifest (5.4.24 release) and enables Mender OTA and NXP's HAB features on WINSYSTEM's ITX-P-C444 hardware.

Supported Boards

The following board is the only board tested in this release.

  • WINSYSTEM ITX-P-C444 (imx8mq-itx-p-c444) - ITX-P-C444

Quick Start Guide

See the Quick Start Guide for instructions on installing repo.

1. Install the WinSystems Linux BSP & BGN-ESSA repo

repo init -u -b master -m itx-p-c444_5.4.24.xml
wget --directory-prefix .repo/manifests
repo init -m c444_5.4.24-essa-demo.xml

NOTE: Use script for initialization.

2. Build

NOTE: This integration is exclusively tested for core-image-base

bitbake core-image-base

core-image-base: "A console-only image that fully supports the target device hardware."

Detailed Guide

To download a detailed guide to BG Networks ESSA click here.


To contribute to the development of this BSP and/or submit patches for new boards please feel free to create pull requests.


The author(s) and maintainer(s) of this layer is(are):