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@circular17 circular17 released this Oct 14, 2019 · 5 commits to master since this release

Bug fixes

  • fix crop layer with offsets/small layers
  • fix bug with duplicating vectorial layer
  • fix undo of merging duplicate layers
  • avoid bugs with vector layers in certain cases
  • fix layer visibility update
  • update inactive layers with undo/redo
  • fix bugs when actions or tools interact
  • fixed opacity bar when layer stack is zoomed
  • update screen when changing workspace color
  • fix shift colors shortcut


  • show context menu when right-clicking upper toolbar unused space
  • faster saving of LZP files
  • handles external changes in multiimage files (TIFF, GIF, ICO) more gracefully
  • entry to duplicate current frame of GIF or TIFF
  • merge vector layers with vector layers
  • merge vector layers with other layers by transforming them into a rectangular shape
  • in color window, triangle cursors are clickable

Edit shape tool

  • update toolbar when selecting shape
  • space key allowed when editing existing text shape
  • transform background fill of rectangular shapes (in particular after merging raster and vector layers)
  • right click to rotate/shear a rectangular shape
  • avoid shape distortion when copying between layers with different transform
  • allow to clear/copy the whole layer if it is a gradient or a rotate image with Delete or Ctrl-C
  • more permissive selection of shape (one can click a few pixels away)

Polygon tool

  • holding SHIFT (along with Insert or I key) inserts new point on the segment
  • close shape when clicking first point (when polygon or curve is open)
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