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GSoC 2013 Project to create a JS viewer for Apache ISIS

Libraries Used:


isisJavaScript is licensed under Apache License v2.0

##YouTube Demos List of youtube demos prepared during GSoC 2013

Packaging as Phonegap App

You can build this app as a Phonegap using two methods, one is through Phonegap Build or using Maven.

Phonegap Build

  • Sign up for Phonegap Build
  • Create a new app and provide the Github URL to create the app.
  • You can make more customizations as per your need by editing the config.xml in the repo by forking this repo.
  • After the build is done, you can download apps as per your Platform requirement.

To use a Phonegap built app, you can also download the same here. iOS build isn't available in this.

Maven Build

Can be found in branch maven-build here