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#ifndef __Races__
#define __Races__
namespace UOX
class CRace
struct ColourPair
ColourPair( COLOUR a, COLOUR b ) : cMin( a ), cMax( b )
ColourPair() : cMin( 0 ), cMax( 0 )
typedef std::vector< ColourPair > COLOURLIST;
typedef std::vector< RaceRelate > RACEIDLIST;
SI16 HPMod;
SI16 ManaMod;
SI16 StamMod;
std::string raceName;
COLOURLIST beardColours;
COLOURLIST hairColours;
COLOURLIST skinColours;
std::bitset< 8 > bools;
GENDER restrictGender;
RACEIDLIST racialEnemies;
LIGHTLEVEL lightLevel;
COLDLEVEL coldLevel;
HEATLEVEL heatLevel;
LIGHTLEVEL nightVision;
ARMORCLASS armourRestrict;
std::bitset< WEATHNUM > weatherAffected;
SI08 weathDamage[WEATHNUM];
SKILLVAL languageMin;
RANGE visDistance;
R32 poisonResistance; // % of poison to cancel
R32 magicResistance; // % of magic to cancel
bool doesHunger;
UI16 hungerRate;
SI16 hungerDamage;
CRace( int numRaces );
SKILLVAL Skill( int skillNum ) const;
const std::string Name( void ) const;
bool RequiresBeard( void ) const;
bool NoBeard( void ) const;
bool IsPlayerRace( void ) const;
bool AffectedBy( WeatherType iNum ) const;
void AffectedBy( bool value, WeatherType iNum );
bool NoHair( void ) const;
GENDER GenderRestriction( void ) const;
LIGHTLEVEL LightLevel( void ) const;
COLDLEVEL ColdLevel( void ) const;
HEATLEVEL HeatLevel( void ) const;
LIGHTLEVEL NightVision( void ) const;
ARMORCLASS ArmourClassRestriction( void ) const;
SECONDS WeatherSeconds( WeatherType iNum ) const;
SI08 WeatherDamage( WeatherType iNum ) const;
R32 MagicResistance( void ) const;
R32 PoisonResistance( void ) const;
SKILLVAL LanguageMin( void ) const;
RANGE VisibilityRange( void ) const;
RaceRelate RaceRelation( RACEID race ) const;
UI16 GetHungerRate( void ) const;
void SetHungerRate( UI16 newValue );
SI16 GetHungerDamage( void ) const;
void SetHungerDamage( SI16 newValue );
bool DoesHunger( void ) const;
void DoesHunger( bool newValue );
void Skill( SKILLVAL newValue, int iNum );
void Name( const std::string newName );
void RequiresBeard( bool newValue );
void NoBeard( bool newValue );
void IsPlayerRace( bool newValue );
void NoHair( bool newValue );
SI16 HPModifier( void ) const;
void HPModifier( SI16 value );
SI16 ManaModifier( void ) const;
void ManaModifier( SI16 value );
SI16 StamModifier( void ) const;
void StamModifier( SI16 value );
void MagicResistance( R32 value );
void PoisonResistance( R32 value );
void GenderRestriction( GENDER newValue );
void LightLevel( LIGHTLEVEL newValue );
void ColdLevel( COLDLEVEL newValue );
void HeatLevel( HEATLEVEL newValue );
void NightVision( LIGHTLEVEL newValue );
void ArmourClassRestriction( ARMORCLASS newValue );
void WeatherSeconds( SECONDS newValue, WeatherType iNum );
void WeatherDamage( SI08 newValue, WeatherType iNum );
void LanguageMin( SKILLVAL newValue );
void VisibilityRange( RANGE newValue );
void NumEnemyRaces( int iNum );
void RaceRelation( RaceRelate value, RACEID race );
COLOUR RandomSkin( void ) const;
COLOUR RandomHair( void ) const;
COLOUR RandomBeard( void ) const;
bool IsSkinRestricted( void ) const;
bool IsHairRestricted( void ) const;
bool IsBeardRestricted( void ) const;
bool IsValidSkin( COLOUR val ) const;
bool IsValidHair( COLOUR val ) const;
bool IsValidBeard( COLOUR val ) const;
void Load( size_t sectNum, int modCount );
CRace& operator =( CRace& trgRace );
class cRaces
struct combatModifiers
UI08 value;
typedef std::vector< CRace * > RACELIST;
typedef std::vector< combatModifiers > MODIFIERLIST;
// data
void DefaultInitCombat( void );
// functions - accessors
// Mutators
void RacialInfo( RACEID race, RACEID toSet, RaceRelate value );
bool InvalidRace( RACEID x ) const;
// Functions
cRaces( void );
void load( void ); // loads races
RaceRelate Compare( CChar *player1, CChar *player2 ) const;
RaceRelate CompareByRace( RACEID race1, RACEID race2 ) const; // compares chars
void gate( CChar *s, RACEID x, bool always = false ); // Race Gate
bool beardInRange( COLOUR color, RACEID x ) const;
bool skinInRange( COLOUR color, RACEID x ) const;
bool hairInRange( COLOUR color, RACEID x ) const;
bool beardRestricted( RACEID x ) const;
bool hairRestricted( RACEID x ) const;
bool skinRestricted( RACEID x ) const;
CRace * Race( RACEID x );
// Accessors
SECONDS Secs( RACEID race, WeatherType element ) const;
SI08 Damage( RACEID race, WeatherType element ) const;
bool Affect( RACEID race, WeatherType element ) const;
const std::string Name( RACEID race ) const; // Returns race name of player
SKILLVAL Skill( int skill, RACEID race ) const;
GENDER GenderRestrict( RACEID race ) const;
bool RequireBeard( RACEID race ) const;
bool IsPlayerRace( RACEID race ) const;
LIGHTLEVEL LightLevel( RACEID race ) const;
COLDLEVEL ColdLevel( RACEID race ) const;
HEATLEVEL HeatLevel( RACEID race ) const;
bool DoesHunger( RACEID race ) const;
UI16 GetHungerRate( RACEID race ) const;
SI16 GetHungerDamage( RACEID race ) const;
ARMORCLASS ArmorRestrict( RACEID race ) const;
COLOUR RandomSkin( RACEID x ) const;
COLOUR RandomHair( RACEID x ) const;
COLOUR RandomBeard( RACEID x ) const;
SI32 DamageFromSkill( int skill, RACEID x ) const;
SI32 FightPercent( int skill, RACEID x ) const;
SKILLVAL LanguageMin( RACEID x ) const;
LIGHTLEVEL VisLevel( RACEID x ) const;
RANGE VisRange( RACEID x ) const;
bool NoBeard( RACEID x ) const;
// Mutators
void Secs( RACEID race, WeatherType element, SECONDS value );
void Damage( RACEID race, WeatherType element, SI08 value );
void Affect( RACEID race, WeatherType element, bool value );
void Skill( int skill, int value, RACEID race );
void GenderRestrict( GENDER gender, RACEID race );
void RequireBeard( bool value, RACEID race );
void NoBeard( bool value, RACEID race );
void LightLevel( RACEID race, LIGHTLEVEL value );
void ColdLevel( RACEID race, COLDLEVEL value );
void HeatLevel( RACEID race, HEATLEVEL value );
void DoesHunger( RACEID race, bool value );
void SetHungerRate( RACEID race, UI16 value );
void SetHungerDamage( RACEID race, SI16 value );
void ArmorRestrict( RACEID race, ARMORCLASS value );
void RacialEnemy( RACEID race, RACEID enemy );
void RacialAlly( RACEID race, RACEID ally );
void RacialNeutral( RACEID race, RACEID neutral );
void LanguageMin( SKILLVAL toSetTo, RACEID race );
void VisLevel( RACEID x, LIGHTLEVEL bonus );
void VisRange( RACEID x, RANGE range );
void IsPlayerRace( RACEID x, bool value );
void debugPrint( RACEID race );
void debugPrintAll( void );
size_t Count( void ) const;
extern cRaces *Races;