A chrome extension to take some of the pain out of nola.com's recent redesign
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Nola.com sanifier

In May 2012, http://nola.com underwent an inexplicably bad redesign. Hopefully it will clean itself up soon, but as long as it's the only New Orleans local paper, we'll all be needing to read it. So here is a chrome extension that takes some of the pain away:

  • Electric yellow previously only associated with Eurotrash hatchbacks and shoes with LEDs in them replaced with something more subdued.
  • Menubar at the top of the page prevented from following you down as you scroll.
  • Mouseovers that take up 3/4 of the screen disabled. These are set to click on touch devices. There's a lesson there.

You can install it directly, in Chrome, by clicking: https://dinosaur.s3.amazonaws.com/chrome-nola-sanifier.crx