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CompiledNN: A JIT Compiler for Neural Network Inference


  • compiles Keras HDF5 models into machine code
  • generates single-threaded code for x86/64 processors with SSSE3/SSE4


  • HDF5 (C bindings only)


The easiest way to integrate CompiledNN is to add it (and its dependency AsmJit) as source files to your project. The included CMake file indicates which compiler options have to be set.

Supported layers

  • Core
    • Dense
    • Activation
    • Dropout
    • Flatten
    • Reshape (does not support dimension inference, i.e. specifying -1 as dimension is not allowed)
  • Convolutional
    • Conv2D (only with dilation_rate=1)
    • SeparableConv2D (only with dilation_rate=1 and depth_multiplier=1)
    • DepthwiseConv2D (only with dilation_rate=1, depth_multiplier=1, use_bias=False and activation=None)
    • UpSampling2D (only with interpolation=nearest, number of channels must be at most 32/64 and divisible by 4)
    • ZeroPadding2D (number of channels per row must be divisible by 4)
  • Pooling
    • MaxPooling2D
    • AveragePooling2D
    • GlobalMaxPooling2D (at most 28/60 channels)
    • GlobalAveragePooling2D (at most 28/60 channels)
  • Merge
    • Add
    • Subtract
    • Multiply
    • Average
    • Maximum
    • Minimum
    • Concatenate
  • Advanced Activations
    • LeakyReLU
    • ELU
    • ThresholdedReLU
    • Softmax
    • ReLU
  • Normalization
    • BatchNormalization


#include "Model.h"
#include "CompiledNN.h"

using namespace NeuralNetwork;

int main()
  Model model;
  // Optionally, indicate which input tensors should be converted from unsigned chars to floats in the beginning.
  // model.setInputUInt8(0);
  CompiledNN nn;
  // ... fill nn.input(i) with data
  // ... obtain the results from nn.output(i)
  return 0;
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