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A Lessig Method presentation slideware object in Javascript.
The purpose being to rapidly create and edit a presentation.

Demos can be found at http://lessigerator.com
Contact me at bbby@bbby.org

Lawrence Lessig's site:

An article on the presentation style:
I highly recommend watching Dick Hardt's OSCON 2005 Keynote speech. 


I added this repo to share with friends and everyone else. 
It is not my intention to suggest that this project is "finished" in any sense of the word.
It is also an anniversary gift to employer and mentor John Hsu and his wife.

Things I'd like to do:
- slide display effects,  ( typing, puff )
- (small!) css class library
- slide clone


25.6.2009	Had an itch, and started building this slideware

26.6.2009	Got really hung up around a css bug that is documented at
		and in my share bin http://bbby.org/share/css_bug1.html

27.6.2009	Worked around the bug and published a demo on github

28.6.2009	Watched Dick Hardt's presentation again, and now want to
		gut the whole Slide object. I don't think I need "lines".
		Just a single centered block. That should be less complicated.
		Major win!
		The need for Lines was elminated, as Items.js was removed.
		Picture class moved to Slide.js, and a whole slew of new features.
		Util was added as it's own file, supporting colors and formatting.
		In desperate need of documentation!

29.6.2009	Made a site from an opendesigns template. v nice.
		Coworker, TristanS, also checked in a small change that keeps
		you on the end-slides, so that you don't do infinitely off the
		edge. This was our first git fork-pull-push, so very exciting.

30.6.2009	Setting up lessigerator.com and waiting for DNS.
		Added "return this;" to Slide.addArg preparing for Slide.clone
		(I've other/real work to do most of today) 

7.1.2009	Implemented TristanS's Util.link and related css additions.
		Made news of the site launch, to which the response was
		mostly about bugs in various browsers. Could use an investigation,
		but personally it is second tier to features at present.
7.3.2009	Added a Picture effect (used as a second arg to new Picture())
		that appends the image front and center on your slide, overtop any
		content that might be there. Perfect for the "No Smoking Slash",
		Void stamps, or FAIL.
		Added a CodeBlock object that fetches file contents via XHR and
		displays in a pre tag.
		Added colorization syntax to CodeBlocks. A little strange, but it
			[C:color] to start,  [:C] to end.
			"color" can be hex or any css named color.
		example at http://bbby.org/Lessig/site/demos/code.html
7.18.2009	Fixed an issue with the presentation progress indicator: it was
		using a negative letter spacing that made it appear to writing
		right to left.
		Added splitIntoSlides method to Lessig, to more easily make many slides
		from a long string. A time saver mostly.