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This is a collection of tools to help to check the ebooks produced by Distributed Proofreader, before they are submitted to Project Gutenberg.

The frontend for the tools is a web service that can be run locally on a Linux system, or on RedHat's Openshift.

It is currently available for everyone to use at

Local installation


This is for a local installation on Ubuntu. Several packages have to be installed with the following command line:

sudo apt-get install python3-flask python3-lxml python3-roman w3c-sgml-lib dwdiff

The cssselect package is now available in Ubunto 15.04:

sudo apt-get install python3-cssselect

otherwise install it with pip:

sudo pip3 install cssselect

Additionally, the following packages are not available and must be installed with pip:

sudo pip3 install flask-wtf tinycss

To run the application, cd into wsgi, and run:


Installation on OpenShift

OpenShift can host pptools. The setup is a bit more complex.

First create your OpenShift account, a project, then push the pptools git tree.

Then copy dwdiff to the virtual machine in ./app-root/data/bin/. Since binaries are compatible amongst distributions, any can be used. Make sure the version is at least 2.0.7. Log on the VM and execute it to ensure it can run there. Otherwise download the sources from and compile and install on the VM.

The Openshift VM doesn't provide the w3c DTDs. Ubuntu provides the w3c-sgml-lib package. Copy the /usr/share/xml/w3c-sgml-lib/ to the VM in ./app-root/data/ (so you have files like ./app-root/data/w3c-sgml-lib/schema/dtd/REC-xhtml-modularization-20100729).

Once that is done, the application should be running. Compare with the existing demo at


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