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Converters from USFM format to other formats
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Converters from the USFM format to other formats.


The converters can run on a local workstation and on a server.

Use the green button "Clone or download" to download a zip file of the converters from the following location:

Unpack the software into a known folder.

The converters need a Java Runtime Environment to run. Install the java binary.

Loading Bible text

The input for the converters will be Bible text in the USFM format. Download all separate USFM files from your Bible editor and store them into a known folder. Or download a zip file with all the USFM files, and unpack the zip file into a known folder.

Quick Bible

Converting Bible data to Quick Bible consists of multiple steps.

  1. Convert the USFM data to a .yet file.
  2. Convert the .yet file to a .yes file.
  3. Load the .yes file into the Quick Bible app.

To convert the USFM data to a .yet file, issue the following command:

java -jar path/to/converters/BibleMultiConverter/BibleMultiConverter.jar USFM path/to/usfm/folder QuickBible path/to/bible.yet

Optionally you may edit the bible.yet file and update the names of the books or make other updates.

To convert the .yet file to a .yes file, issue the following command:

java -jar path/to/converters/QuickBible/YetToYes2.jar --ignore-skipped-verses path/to/bible.yet path/to/bible.yes

Then finally load the .yet file into the Quick Bible app and enjoy the result.

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