Greek New Testament
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This directory contains the SBLGNT and Nestle1904 editions of the Greek New Testament with syntax trees produced by the Global Bible Initiative, and Lowfat trees created from them. It also contains a transformation of the PROIEL Greek New Testament transformed to make it more easily comparable to the Lowfat treebanks.

If we publish other representations of the Greek New Testament, they will be added to this directory.

These files are generally too large to read online, please download them in order to use them. They are designed to be used by software, not to be read by end users. Here is a simple visualization that can be used by end-users (it exposes only a subset of the data):

Here is an introductory tutorial showing how to use the Lowfat syntax trees using Python and XPath in a Jupyter Notebook:

These syntax trees can also be used with Oxygen, BaseX, eXistDB, or in any program that works with XML data.

For other high quality resources suitable to scholarly study of Greek and Hebrew, see the Biblical Humanities Dashboard.