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Levinsohn's Greek New Testament Discourse Features

These files contain Stephen Levinsohn's complete discourse features markup of the Greek New Testament (UBS4/NA27). This data was originally developed in BART and follow principles Levinsohn documented in his volume of Discourse Features of New Testament Greek. This volume is the best comprehensive description of these features and is available here on Amazon:

A good way to get an overview of this data is to look at the BART displays, which can be seen here:

For a brief explanation of the markup, see:

Levinsohn, Stephen H. 2017. BART Display Enhanced for Discourse Features: Greek New Testament.

For a nice description of how this data is valuable for exegesis, see:

Levinsohn, Stephen H. 2006. The Relevance of Greek Discourse Studies to Exegesis. Journal of Translation 2(2). 11–21. or hosted on citeseerx

Our hope in making this data available is to foster ongoing reflection and discussion as to how Greek discourse features impact exegetical and translation concerns.

Paul O'Rear
Associate Coordinator
International Translation
SIL International

For other high quality resources suitable to scholarly study of Greek and Hebrew, see the Biblical Humanities Dashboard.


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