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go-libzfs currently implements basic manipulation of ZFS pools and data sets. Plan is to add more in further development, improve documentation with more examples, and add more tests. go-libzfs use libzfs C library and does not wrap OpenZFS CLI tools. Goal is to let easy using and manipulating OpenZFS form with in go, and tries to map libzfs C library in to go style package respecting golang common practice.


This golang package is only used and tested on Linux.

  • Version tagged as v0.1 is latest used and compatible with ZFS On Linux version 0.6.5.x
  • Version tagged as v0.2 is latest used and compatible with ZFS On Linux version 0.7.x


Main features

  • Creating, destroying, importing and exporting pools.
  • Reading and modifying pool properties.
  • Creating, destroying and renaming of filesystem datasets and volumes.
  • Creating, destroying and rollback of snapshots.
  • Cloning datasets and volumes.
  • Reading and modifying dataset and volume properties.
  • Send and receive snapshot streams


  • OpenZFS on Linux and libzfs with development headers installed.
  • Developed using go1.9


go get


# On command line shell run
cd $GOPATH/src/
go test

Usage example

// Create map to represent ZFS dataset properties. This is equivalent to
// list of properties you can get from ZFS CLI tool, and some more
// internally used by libzfs.
props := make(map[ZFSProp]Property)

// I choose to create (block) volume 1GiB in size. Size is just ZFS dataset
// property and this is done as map of strings. So, You have to either
// specify size as base 10 number in string, or use strconv package or
// similar to convert in to string (base 10) from numeric type.
strSize := "1073741824"

props[DatasetPropVolsize] = Property{Value: strSize}
// In addition I explicitly choose some more properties to be set.
props[DatasetPropVolblocksize] = Property{Value: "4096"}
props[DatasetPropReservation] = Property{Value: strSize}

// Lets create desired volume
d, err := DatasetCreate("TESTPOOL/VOLUME1", DatasetTypeVolume, props)
if err != nil {
// Dataset have to be closed for memory cleanup
defer d.Close()

println("Created zfs volume TESTPOOL/VOLUME1")

Special thanks to

  • Bicom Systems for supporting this little project and that way making it possible.
  • OpenZFS as the main ZFS software collective.