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A Node.js globbing library with zsh and bash flavor shell expansions.
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UNIX shell style file globbing in that painlessly ports to Windows.

Cross-Platform Wildcard Patterns

Because one of the most common argument values is a file path, Arguable provides some helper functions for dealing with paths Windows. Arguable can resolve UNIX file paths on Windows as if they were invoked in a UNIX shell. Arguable will convert the slashes and expand wildcards. That is, it will treat */*.t as a file glob.

var arguable = require('arguable')
  , frobinator = require('frobinator')

arguable.glob(process.cwd(), [ 't/test/example.t', 't/test/*.t' ]).forEach(function (glob) {
  if (!glob.files.length) {
    throw new Error('file not found: ' + glob.pattern);
  } else {
    glob.files.forEach(function (file) {
      frobinator.frobinate(1, path.resolve(glob.base, file));
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