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A test non-framework for Node.js.
JavaScript CoffeeScript Shell
Latest commit e6e101c @bigeasy Remove debugging message.
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t Remove old intermeidate testing code.
.gitignore Add test coverage script.
.travis.yml add comment regarding node testing Add contribution guide.
LICENSE Update license date.
README Revert to MIT.
candidate.js 100% test coverage of `candidate.js`.
colorization.js Fix progress test on Travis CI.
convert.js Coverage of width of formatting. Creating a diary.
die.js Test `die`.
epipe.js Turn `parse` into an error-first callback function.
errors.js 100% test coverage of `errors.js`.
executable.js Removed leading zeros from some octals.
extend.js Extract `extend.js` for testing.
formatter.js Tidy formatter.
index.js Rename `redux.js` to `index.js`.
json.js Remove stream from json function.
package.json Release 0.0.56.
parse.js Test signal exit in progress runner.
platform.js 100% test coverage platform.
printer.js Test coverage of `errors.js`, upgrade Arguable.
progress.js Remove always true branch from progress formatter.
proof.bin.js Start of testing of progress.
proof.js Test runner stderr output.
ran.txt Turn `parse` into an error-first callback function.
release.ft Upgrade Cadence to 0.0.44.
run.js Test runner bailout.
scaffold.js Remove debugging message.
shebang.js Upgrade to Cadence 0.2.3.
tap.js Fix `tap` assertion parse of `null` comment.
test.js 100% test coverage of test.



A cross-platform UNIX way test non-framework for JavaScript.



    Install:        `npm install proof`

    License:        MIT

To learn everything you want to know about Proof start here:
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