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An implementation of UDP-based Data Transfer Protocol in pure JavaScript for Node.js and Chrome sockets.
JavaScript C++
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UDT Build Status

A pure JavaScript implementation of UDP-based Data Transfer Protocol for Node.js and Google Chrome sockets.

Change Log

Changes for each release.

Version 0.0.1

  • Remove Node.js 0.6 from Travis build. #22.
  • Assign connect event callback if provided to connect function. #20.
  • Add .js extension to test file names. #19.
  • Stop accepting new connections after close is called. #18.
  • Implement minimal listen-only server socket. #14.
  • Implement minimal connect-only client socket. #13.
  • Create UDP proxy. #8.
  • Implement UDT handshake. #5.
  • Create project and repository. #2.
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