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SFTP/FTP upload plugin for brackets


  • Keep track of changed files in your project
  • Upload panel - you have total control over which to upload and which to skip
  • Server settings for each project
  • Store server settings in the brackets system preference file, not the root folder of your projects, so no worry about uploading your credentials to your git repo.
  • Right click menu command in your project panel, upload any specific file or folder you want.
  • Also a good sample code to learn how brackets works with node.

Getting Started

  1. Open Extension Manager by clicking the building-blocky icon on the right side of Brackets;
  2. Search for sftpupload;
  3. Click Install;
  4. Click the up-side arrow icon (on the right) to open the panel;
  5. Navigate to your project, click "Server Setup" button and fill in your server info;
  6. Now you can right-click on the files in your project, use Upload via SFTP to upload it to your server;
  7. If you change and save a file within the project, it will show up in the bottom panel; you can click "Upload" to upload this file, "Skip" to skip a single file, or "Upload All" to upload all changed files to the server.
  8. Shortcuts:
    • (Ctrl-Alt-U / Cmd-Alt-U) to upload the current opening file;
    • (Ctrl-Shift-U / Cmd-Shift-U) to upload all changed files;
    • (Ctrl-Alt-Shift-U / Cmd-Alt-Shift-U) to open up Upload panel.

Notes for translators

I noticed many people wish to translate this plugin - you are welcomed!

If you are comfortable with Github, you can fork this repo, create a new folder (with language code as its name) in /nls, and put another translated String.js in the folder. Otherwise you can translate String.js in any language folder (root for English) and send me the file (along with your name).

Release Notes

version 1.3.11

  • Added Brazilian Portuguese Translation (thanks @elvis-pereira)

version 1.3.10

  • Added Estonian Translation (thanks @marioletta)

version 1.3.9

  • added French Translation (thanks Antoine SARRAZIN)

version 1.3.8

  • added Polish Translation (thanks @M1szelek)

version 1.3.7

  • added Spanish Translation (thanks @dennistobar)

version 1.3.6

  • fix: #21 uploading directories doesn't work for subdirectories (@zarnivoop).

version 1.3.5

  • fix: no longer need to restart Brackets upon server connection errors.
  • improved language in error feedback: using "Broken Connection / Wrong Password" for server connection errors.

version 1.3.4

  • showing available languages in Bracket's Plugin Manager
  • added Swedish (sv) translation (thanks @zarnivoop)

version 1.3.3

  • feature: allows password protected RSA encryption keys (@swengmatt).

version 1.3.2

  • bug fix: When type is changed, the port won't change to it's default if the user has already set his value

version 1.3.1

  • @dedo1911 added Italian translation.
  • new shortcut for "Upload All": Ctrl-Shift-U.

version 1.3

  • now saves server info in local user preferences.
  • added an indicator icon in the right hand side.
  • Ctrl-Alt-U uploads the current file now. Open the panel via Ctrl-Alt-Shift-U.
  • click "Upload on Save" button now triggers the checkbox.
  • for developers: now uses 4-spaces instead of tabs across all the file.

version 1.2.4 (Thanks mhentgesarrow!)

  • Conform to new API standards
  • bug fix: Display saved passwords now

version 1.2.3

  • translation: added German translation (Thanks danielkratz!)

version 1.2.2

  • bug fix: now can upload file with white spaces in names.

version 1.2.1

  • feature: support SSH RSA private key! Just type in the path of the private key into the password field.
  • bug fix: better error feedback.

version 1.2

  • bug fix: when the "upload" button fails on newly changed files;
  • bug fix: setting dialog reverts to default value even when settings are changed
  • feature: added new "upload on save" function

Notes for developers

This repo does not include required node modules! For extension developers, please run

npm install

in the /node folder.


@bigeyex @danielkratz @mhentgesarrow @dedo1911 @swengmatt @zarnivoop @dennistobar (Spanish Translation) @M1szelek (Polish Translation) Antoine SARRAZIN (French Translation) @marioletta (Estonian Translation) @elvis-pereira (Brazilian Portuguese Translation)


SFTP upload plugin for brackets







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