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A Dancer web app to talk to an MPD server and queue songs to play. Great for parties - essentially a digital jukebox.

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A Dancer-powered web application to control an MPD server, allowing you to search for songs and add the ones you want to play to a queue.

Ideal for parties, to let everyone add music they want to hear to a play queue.

Essentially, a digital jukebox.


Ships with an SQLite database ready-to-use, so if you have DBD::SQLite installed and want to just use SQLite, it should Just Work out of the box.

If you'd rather use MySQL or another database, you'll need to update the config.yml file with the appropriate details (see Dancer::Plugin::Database for details on how to configure database connections), and set up the queue table. SQL 'CREATE TABLE' statements for MySQL and SQLite are included.

By default, the app will listen on port 4000; this can be changed by updating config.yml appropriately.


Start the app:


Assuming all goes well, you should see something like:

  >> Dancer server 7969 listening on

Then, point your browser at http://localhost:4000/ (or the name of the machine you're running this on, if it's not the same machine you want to control it from), and have fun!


Bug reports / patches / feature requests / contributions always welcome. Feel free to email me, or find me on in #dancer.


David Precious <>

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