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Transact-SQL Compatibility for PostgreSQL. Not just for Sybase & SQL Server anymore.
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Transact-SQL is now available in PostgreSQL (in addition to Sybase & SQL Server).

pgTSQL is an extension that provides:

  • PostgreSQL procedural language that implements the Transact-SQL language.
  • Built-in functions, such as getdate() and isnull()
  • System catalog views, such as SYS.TABLES and SYS.OBJECTS

T-SQL (Transact-SQL) is the procedural programming language built into Sybase & SQL Server. It's functionally the equivalent of PostgreSQL's PL/pgSQL. It looks a bit different because it has unique conventions like:

  • Semicolons are not required at the end of each line of code
  • Variable names always are prefixed with @ signs
  • IF statements do not need to be closed by END IF's
  • Temporary tables are automagic if the table name has a # prefix

History of project

This project was originally part of an OpenSCG PostgreSQL distribution call tPostgres that fizzled about seven years ago. Five years ago Jim Mlodgenski ported it as a standalone extension for PG9.5 BigSQL. Early in 2019 Denis Lussier upgraded it to build with PG10. In late 2019 Korry Douglas upgraded it for PG11 support in v3.0 (including support for stored procedures instead of just stored functions).


Use the BigSQL command line to install PostgreSQL 11 and then the pgtsql extension

./apg install pg11
./apg start pg11
./apg install pgtsql-pg11


Now lets use psql to create a table and a small sample TSQL function as follows.

CREATE TABLE rdbms_supports_tsql (
  organization  varchar(10) primary key
INSERT INTO rdbms_supports_tsql VALUES ('SYBASE');
INSERT INTO rdbms_supports_tsql VALUES ('SQL-SERVER');
INSERT INTO rdbms_supports_tsql VALUES ('POSTGRES') ;

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION query_tsql_rdbms() RETURNS void AS $$
  DECLARE @val int = 0. 
  SELECT count(*) INTO @val FROM rdbms_supports_tsql;
  IF @val = 2
    PRINT 'Proprietary market featuring vendor lock-in'
    PRINT 'Open Source innovation means choices'
$$ LANGUAGE pltsql;

Building from Source

The REL_3 branch is for building against PG 11.

For installation there must be PostgreSQL dev environment installed and pg_config in the PATH. Then just run:

$ make
$ make install

To run regression tests:

$ make installcheck


  • Location to pg_config can be set via PG_CONFIG variable:

    $ make PG_CONFIG=/path/to/pg_config $ make install PG_CONFIG=/path/to/pg_config $ make installcheck PG_CONFIG=/path/to/pg_config

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