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Recent stolen bikes & search widget

Alert people to recent thefts! Add a convenient way to search for stolen bikes right on your page.

Example widget display

All you need to do is include this HTML snippet where you would like the widget to appear:

<div id="binx_stolen_widget"></div>

And add this to the header of your page:

<script src="http://widget.bikeindex.org/include.js"></script>

View an example of it on IndyCog!


Extra options

A few options for customization and configuration:

property what it does default
data-location Find stolen bikes near this location first (address, city, state or lat/long) Shows recent stolen near ip geolocation
data-height max-height for the widget in pixels 400px
data-norecent Boolean - whether or not it should fetch recent stolen bikes (it starts just as a search widget) false
data-nocache Don't store recent results in localstorage. For development purposes false

Set the options by adding the attributes and value to the div you add to your page. For example:

<div id="binx_stolen_widget" data-location="Portland, OR" data-height="1000"></div>

(This sets the initial search to Portland, OR and makes the widget a max of 1000px high.)

Under the hood

  • Saves the response from the Bike Index API in localStorage for 3 hours.

  • Requires jQuery. Sorry.

  • You can use it however you want (MIT license for those who care)

  • To run it locally bundle install and run jekyll serve. Open the url that is printed out on your console.

  • This site was built with jekyll and jekyll-asset-pipeline (from the compile folder). Then Jekyll was removed. Let's just say it's in transition right now ;)

  • This site is deployed using github pages and cloudflare universal ssl. You can access it at https://widget.bikeindex.org


Made with all the 🍩s. Bike Index