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Simple declarative syntax for your projects tasks.
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Simple declarative syntax for your projects tasks. attempts to standardize and improve documentation on how projects are built and run when using docker-compose. It's a simple starting for someone new to a project.


npm install -g


Usage uses a declarative yaml file (.sdev.yml) in the root of your repository to understand what tasks are available inside your project.

Some common actions that probably show up on every project when using docker-compose are:

  • server (start the web development server)
  • build (building your application or library)
  • test (running your test suite)
  • bash (ssh in the docker container used as your runtime)

Those tasks are expressed with the following definition:

version: 1
name: My Cool App
description: This text should briefly mention what the application/library is about
  compose_file: docker/docker-compose.yml
  - name: server
    description: Start the development server
    command: yarn start
    container: app

  - name: build
    description: This command will build the entire application and install dependencies
    command: yarn build
    container: app
    rm: true

  - name: test
    description: run unit test suite.
    command: yarn test
    container: app
      - "NODE_ENV=test"

  - name: bash
    description: ssh in docker container
    command: /bin/bash
    container: app
      - "/npm/modules:/var/www/app/node_modules"

We can customize the tasks dependencies in terms of ports, volumes and environment variables.

The previous definition will generate the following output when calling sdev without any arguments:

➜ git:(improve-readme) ✗ sdev

  Usage: sdev [options] [command]

  This text should briefly mention what the application/library is about


    -V, --version  output the version number
    -h, --help     output usage information


    build       This command will build the entire application and install dependencies
    test        run unit test suite.
    bash        ssh in docker container
    help [cmd]  display help for [cmd]


The definition file should be straight forward and mimic docker-compose as much as possible. Generally, tasks should be simple commands that you run in the container with some ports, environment and volumes variations.

Note: docker-compose inovations will use the -p flag to scope containers to your project. This is very useful when you use a common docker folder for all your projects.

version (number)

The sdev file version. Always 1

name (string)

The name of your application/library. Not used at the moment but probably in the future.

description (string)

A brief description of your application/library. This is used when showing the help command.

docker (object)

compose_file (string)

Relative path to .sdev.yaml for docker-compose file.

tasks (object)

name (string)

The name of the task. This name will be used for invoking the command

description (string)

A brief description of what the task does.

command (string)

The run command and args to use

container (string)

The target container of the command

volumes (Array)

Array of volumes to attach when running

environment (Array)

Array of environment variables to use when running

ports (Array)

Array of ports to bind when running

rm (boolean)

Delete container after tasks ends


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