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Web API enabled apps created using Google's App Inventor for PayPal "X.commerce Android Apps the Easy Way" series
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The App Inventor for Android ZIP archives available for download from this project can be used to 
access and modify the example Android web API and commerce applications discussed in the 
PayPal DevZone article series "X.commerce Android Apps the Easy Way".

I have also included packaged Android applications (APK files) for each application; you can download
and install these in your emulator or Android device of choice to try out the example apps yourself.

**Click the "Downloads" button near the upper right of the project page to download your desired
  archive(s) and/or packaged app(s).

Background on this series:

This four part article series introduces Google's App Inventor for Android tool, shows you how to
access web APIs including Yahoo's PlaceFinder geocoding service and the eBay developer APIs, and
provides example apps illustrating how to construct these applications yourself.  The
articles walk the reader through using App Inventor to visually construct and test deploy
applications in the Android emulator.  The apps may also be deployed into real Android devices.

For more information, please refer to the articles on the site.
"X.commerce Android Apps the Easy Way, Part 1: Understanding App Inventor"

"X.commerce Android Apps the Easy Way, Part 2: Accessing Web APIs"

"X.commerce Android Apps the Easy Way, Part 3: eBay APIs"
pending publication

"X.commerce Android Apps the Easy Way, Part 4: Example eBay Android app"
pending publication

All source code is licensed under the Simplified BSD License:
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