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Kakuro in Elm.

It's live for your web browser at

Links to the iOS and Android app store versions are at

Code is in the src directory, scripts in the bin directory.

Due to its port, which it uses to save game state, you cannot develop with elm-reactor.

bin/build-site compiles the application to site/kakuro.js.

Then you can aim your browser at file:///.../kakuro-master/site/index.html.

bin/update-site builds the application and syncs the site directory with the live site.

bin/m file compiles src/file.elm, directing output to /dev/null. Useful for syntax checking while editing.

bin/docs generates documentation.json, suitable for upload to

bin/rsyncit is a synchronization script I've been using for years. It is documented here.

I didn't bother to write Windows scripts, nor will the symbolic link from src/images to site/images work on Windows. Use Linux or macOS.

See the readme in the cordova directory for building the app for iOS and Android devices.

Articles at