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Binance API Postman

Postman is an API Collaboration Platform.

Binance now has several Postman Collections for quick and easy usage of our REST-based APIs.
The environment hosted here can be imported for easy changing of API public key, secret key.

How to import collection

  • Download the collections
  • Import the collection into Postman APP

How to import environment

  • Download the environment json file

  • Click the Run in Postman button above to import collection

  • Click the button Manage Environments(gear icon) from the top right of Postman console (Postman Mac version)

  • From the pop-up page, click import button, then select the downloaded json file.Click the environment,

  • Set the API key and secret key. Leave timestamp and signature empty. Please DON'T set into INTIAL VALUE column, otherwise postman will upload into your personal postman account.

  • Select the environment from the dropdown.


Error: Could not get any response

  • Either you haven't setup the environment or the environment is not selected. Please find the step above to setup the environment.

Error: API-key format invalid.

  • API key is not set.
  • API key is not correct.
  • In Postman Headers, the X-MBX-APIKEY is not selected.

Error: Signature for this request is not valid.

These are the likely reasons that can cause this error:

  • Secret key is not set.
  • Parameters are selected, but didn't pass any value. Uncheck the parameter if you don't use it.

Error: Mandatory parameter 'xxxx' was not sent, was empty/null, or malformed.

  • The mandatory parameter is missing. Please refer to the API document and pass all required parameters.

How to debug or find out request URL

  • Open Postman console (CMD/CTRL + ALT + C), each request will print request parameters and URL.
  • Edit Pre-request scripts for debugging.

Is Postman safe to use

We suggest users to develop their own application to work with Binance API. However Postman is a good tool for those who want to easily experience APIs. These best pratices are recommended:

  • Don't use collections from distrust channel.
  • Review the json file before using it.
  • Don't use if any code that you don't understand.
  • Make sure that withdrawals are not enabled on your API keys.
  • Delete API key after use.

My question isn't here

Please open an issue here.



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