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HomA Stories in Ready

HomA is a free and open source framework for building smart homes and connecting them to the internet of things. It is designed to provide an entry into the world of home automation while also remaining highly extensible and adaptable for advanced users.

To facilitate the development of own hardware and software extensions, HomA relies on completely open technologies and standards that are available on many platforms. Hence, it uses the lightweight and open MQTT protocol for both data storage and command transmission.

Getting started

Getting started with HomA is quite easy and requries just some basic Linux and commandline knowledge. For detailed installation instructions, please refer to the Installation page on the Wiki.


A list of offical components is available in the wiki.


Fork the repository on GitHub, add your own improvements, push it to a branch in your fork and send us a pull request. An overview of open tasks is available on the dashboard. You can also file bugs or feature requests in our issue tracker or say hi in our Google+ Community.


If not stated otherwise explicitly, any code in this repository is licensed under the EPL license.