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import logging
import time
from datetime import timedelta
from pyres import ResQ, safe_str_to_class
from pyres import failure
from pyres.failure.redis import RedisBackend
class Job(object):
"""Every job on the ResQ is an instance of the *Job* class.
The ``__init__`` takes these keyword arguments:
``queue`` -- A string defining the queue to which this Job will be
``payload`` -- A dictionary which contains the string name of a class
which extends this Job and a list of args which will be
passed to that class.
``resq`` -- An instance of the ResQ class.
``worker`` -- The name of a specific worker if you'd like this Job to be
done by that worker. Default is "None".
safe_str_to_class = staticmethod(safe_str_to_class)
def __init__(self, queue, payload, resq, worker=None):
self._queue = queue
self._payload = payload
self.resq = resq
self._worker = worker
self.enqueue_timestamp = self._payload.get("enqueue_timestamp")
# Set the default back end, jobs can override when we import them
# inside perform().
failure.backend = RedisBackend
def __str__(self):
return "(Job{%s} | %s | %s)" % (
self._queue, self._payload['class'], repr(self._payload['args']))
def perform(self):
"""This method converts payload into args and calls the ``perform``
method on the payload class.
Before calling ``perform``, a ``before_perform`` class method
is called, if it exists. It takes a dictionary as an argument;
currently the only things stored on the dictionary are the
args passed into ``perform`` and a timestamp of when the job
was enqueued.
Similarly, an ``after_perform`` class method is called after
``perform`` is finished. The metadata dictionary contains the
same data, plus a timestamp of when the job was performed, a
``failed`` boolean value, and if it did fail, a ``retried``
boolean value. This method is called after retry, and is
called regardless of whether an exception is ultimately thrown
by the perform method.
payload_class_str = self._payload["class"]
payload_class = self.safe_str_to_class(payload_class_str)
payload_class.resq = self.resq
args = self._payload.get("args")
metadata = dict(args=args)
if self.enqueue_timestamp:
metadata["enqueue_timestamp"] = self.enqueue_timestamp
before_perform = getattr(payload_class, "before_perform", None)
metadata["failed"] = False
metadata["perform_timestamp"] = time.time()
check_after = True
if before_perform:
return payload_class.perform(*args)
check_after = False
metadata["failed"] = True
if not self.retry(payload_class, args):
metadata["retried"] = False
metadata["retried"] = True
logging.exception("Retry scheduled after error in %s", self._payload)
after_perform = getattr(payload_class, "after_perform", None)
if after_perform and check_after:
def fail(self, exception):
"""This method provides a way to fail a job and will use whatever
failure backend you've provided. The default is the ``RedisBackend``.
fail = failure.create(exception, self._queue, self._payload,
return fail
def retry(self, payload_class, args):
"""This method provides a way to retry a job after a failure.
If the jobclass defined by the payload containes a ``retry_every`` attribute then pyres
will attempt to retry the job until successful or until timeout defined by ``retry_timeout`` on the payload class.
retry_every = getattr(payload_class, 'retry_every', None)
retry_timeout = getattr(payload_class, 'retry_timeout', 0)
if retry_every:
now = ResQ._current_time()
first_attempt = self._payload.get("first_attempt", now)
retry_until = first_attempt + timedelta(seconds=retry_timeout)
retry_at = now + timedelta(seconds=retry_every)
if retry_at < retry_until:
self.resq.enqueue_at(retry_at, payload_class, *args,
return True
return False
def reserve(cls, queues, res, worker=None, timeout=10):
"""Reserve a job on one of the queues. This marks this job so
that other workers will not pick it up.
if isinstance(queues, basestring):
queues = [queues]
queue, payload = res.pop(queues, timeout=timeout)
if payload:
return cls(queue, payload, res, worker)
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