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Rails 4: Replaced call to deprecated `with_scope' #358

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Christophe Maximin Nathan Youngman Andres Koetsier Ben Johnson Fernando Guillen Ægir Örn Símonarson Matt Giacomini
Christophe Maximin

As you can see in the official gem rails/activerecord-deprecated_finders, with_scope has been deprecated.

ActiveRecord::Base#with_scope and #with_exclusive_scope are deprecated.
Please use ActiveRecord::Relation#scoping instead. (You can use #merge to merge multiple scopes together.)

This update fixes that problem, by using 'where', 'merge' and 'scoping'.

Nathan Youngman

Does it really take so much code to replace with_scope? :-(

Andres Koetsier

Made the patch a little smaller and created a pull-request #369.

Ben Johnson

369 was merged in

Fernando Guillen

Can the fixed version be released? :)

Ægir Örn Símonarson

+1 for releasing the fixed version.

Matt Giacomini

I have a client bugging me about all the extra log messages. Any chance we can release this?

Nathan Youngman

Please see #388.

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Commits on Mar 29, 2013
  1. Christophe Maximin
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Showing with 12 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +12 −1 lib/authlogic/session/scopes.rb
13 lib/authlogic/session/scopes.rb
@@ -91,7 +91,18 @@ def build_key(last_part)
def search_for_record(*args)
- klass.send(:with_scope, :find => (scope[:find_options] || {})) do
+ where_content = nil
+ current_scope = nil
+ if scope.has_key?(:find_options)
+ if scope[:find_options].is_a?(Hash) and scope[:find_options].has_key?(:conditions)
+ where_content = scope[:find_options][:conditions]
+ elsif scope[:find_options].is_a?(ActiveRecord::Relation)
+ current_scope = scope[:find_options]
+ end
+ end
+ klass.send(:where, where_content).merge(current_scope).send(:scoping) do
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