(perl) A component that provides non-blocking ident lookups to your sessions
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POE::Component::Client::Ident ============================

1). Background:

POE::Component::Client::Ident is a POE (Perl Object Environment) component which
provides a convenient way for POE applications to perform non-blocking Ident (auth/tap)
protocol remote username lookups.

The component will mainly of use to the authors of server daemons and server components 
which sometimes have a requirement to confirm the username provided by the client and,
therefore, use the Ident protocol to query the remote host.

For example, the IRC protocol.

2). Implementation:

The component implements a brokering service for other components and POE sessions. The 
component is spawned and given a kernel alias. Components and POE sessions post request 
events to the component, which in turn spawns helper agents ( implemented as a separate 
component, see below ) that undertake the messy business of connecting to the remote
host and asking the right questions to obtain a valid username, a denial, some other 
information or a metaphorical shrug symbolised by an error.

The helper agents are implemented as a sub component ( POE::Component::Client::Ident::
Agent ), which performs a one shot Ident query using the parameters that are passed to 
it at startup, and passes any response for good or evil back to the session that 
spawned it. This component is ideal if all you require are these kind of lookups, 
especially if you don't want the slightly additional overhead added by the broker


This module is provided "as is". 
No Income Tax. No V.A.T.
No money back. No guarantee.