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Spring Boot with Kotlin. Try it live!. Fork me.


This demo has been broken for much of 2017 as the technologies it relies on have been moving targets (think of this code as a "canary in the coal mine" for production readiness). Things are much better now, and the full pipeline to AWS is working as expected. --2018/01/06

It still fails on Java 9 as the JDK has deprecated an XML API needed by Spring.


This software is in the Public Domain. Please see LICENSE.md.

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Would you like to contribute? Ask me! I'm happy to take on contributors or pull requests. Please see the Story Wall.

Spring features

  • Spring 5
  • Actuator
  • Boot with REST
  • Springfox
  • Junit 5 — unit and integration tests
  • Example of REST batch round trip with status

Agile features

Other features

  • Quieter tests and runtime (always in progress!)

Things to think about

  • Update to openjdk 9:
    • Boxfuse support
    • module-info.java for java.activation and java.xml.bind
    • JDK 9 deprecates those modules
    • koblinc does not like target bytecode 1.9
  • Update to Kotlin coding conventions when IntelliJ catches up
  • Logging is still to noisy during build and tests
  • Some "bleeding edge" difficulties, e.g., Spring REST docs + Spring 5 beta
  • Replace nested tests with scenario tests ala Introduce first-class support for scenario tests #48
  • Java 9 complains about "illegal reflective access" by Kotlin compiler
  • Stuck on surefire 2.19 until 2.20+ does not break
  • Restore HTTP access logging to console

Some reading