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Welcome to the biobanking wiki!

The Ontology for Biobanking (OBIB) is an ontology for the annotation and modeling of the activities, contents, and administration of a biobank. Biobanks are facilities that store specimens, such as bodily fluids and tissues, typically along with specimen annotation and clinical data. OBIB is based on a subset of the Ontology for Biomedical Investigation (OBI), has the Basic Formal Ontology (BFO) as its upper ontology, and is developed following OBO Foundry principles. The first version of OBIB resulted from the merging of two existing biobank-related ontologies, OMIABIS and biobank ontology.

The current and prior releases of OBIB can be found here:

The details of OMIABIS project can be found on the website:

The details of Biobank ontology project can be found on the website:

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