a collection of open source bioinformatics tools

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  1. hgvs

    Python library to parse, format, validate, normalize, and map sequence variants. `pip install hgvs`

    Python 75 34

  2. uta

    Universal Transcript Archive: comprehensive genome-transcript alignments; multiple transcript sources, versions, and alignment methods; available as a docker image

    Python 16 10

  3. bioutils

    provides common tools and lookup tables used primarily by the hgvs and uta packages

    Python 2 9

  4. biocommons.seqrepo

    non-redundant, compressed, journalled, file-based storage for biological sequences

    Python 10 21

  5. uta-align

    C-based Needleman-Wunsch and Smith-Waterman alignment algorithms with a Python interface.

    Python 2 3

  6. eutils

    simplified searching, fetching, and parsing records from NCBI using their E-utilities interface

    Python 29 16