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D library for use sqlite
D Shell
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A D compiler: ldc, gdc, dmd
Standard library Phobos with his devel file


* With Bash scryt:
run script as
$ ./

use -h paramter for more info
$ ./ -h

* With Makefile:
see README here:

** as shared lib:
$ make all-shared geany-tag DFLAGS_IMPORT="-Isrc"  DFLAGS="-O -w -g"

** as static lib:
$ make all geany-tag DFLAGS_IMPORT="-Isrc"  DFLAGS="-O -w -g"

* With Bash scrypt:
It is quite easy after building just copy:
$ su -c 'cp -r install/* /'

* With Makefile as shared lib:
$ sudo make -j4 install-shared install-geany-tag  LIB_DIR=/usr/lib64 PREFIX=/usr

* With Makefile as static lib:
$ sudo make -j4 install-static install-geany-tag  LIB_DIR=/usr/lib64 PREFIX=/usr

If you build as shared lib remember to run ldconfig:
    If you have used default prefix
    $ su -c 'ldconfig /usr/local/lib'

    If you have set lib dir as lib64
    $ su -c 'ldconfig /usr/local/lib64'

    If you have set prefix as /usr
    $ su -c 'ldconfig'

for build and test example you need link to your sqlite library. I assume DSQLite lib is in prefix /usr/local/ and sqlite lib in /usr/lib64:
$ ldc2 $(pkg-config --cflags --libs dsqlite) test_sql.d
$ ./test_sql
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