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View your Moves app and Arc app/LocoKit location history summary on map
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Check your Moves app & Arc app history on Map!

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  • Import your GPX files from Arc App (and JSON from Moves app) and display them on the large map. Combine weeks, months or event years! 🤯
  • View beautiful timeline of each day with transport details and places
  • View burned calories of each walk/cycling/running!
  • Filter your map display to only show particular activities or transport types
  • Detailed place info - place address, common visiting hours and weekdays, set custom categories (more features based on categories soon!)

Support project

Map moves are completely free to use. If you’d like to support the project and suggest new features, you can buy me a coffee ☕️ Thank you!

App supports currently:
  • JSON timeline from Moves app
  • GPX day/month file from Arc app


How to open Unity project:

  1. Download Unity project
  2. Download Json .NET for unity and place it in Assets folder
  3. Run the app

Used APIs:

  • Google maps api to get location address.
    Create file Assets/Resources/API/googleApi.txt and paste your Google Geocoding API key there
  • MapBox access token for static maps images
    Create files Assets/Resources/API/mapBoxApi.txt and paste your MapBox Access token
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