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Check your Moves app & Arc app history on Map!

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  • Import your GPX files from Arc App (and JSON from Moves app) and display them on the large map. Combine weeks, months or event years! 🤯
  • View beautiful timeline of each day with transport details and places
  • View your images from Google Photos on timeline 🏞
  • View burned calories of each walk/cycling/running!
  • Filter your map display to only show particular activities or transport types
  • Detailed place info - place address, common visiting hours and weekdays, set custom categories (more features based on categories soon!)
  • Full Mac Retina display support

Support project

Map moves are completely free to use. If you’d like to support the project and suggest new features, you can buy me a coffee ☕️ Thank you!

Data sources in MapMoves:
  • JSON timeline from Moves app
  • GPX day/month file from Arc app
  • (API) Google Photos


How to open Unity project:

  1. Download Unity project
  2. Download Json .NET for unity and place it in Assets folder
  3. Run the app

Used APIs:

  • Google maps api to get location address.
    Create file Assets/Resources/API/googleAPI.txt and paste your Google Geocoding API key there
  • MapBox access token for static maps images
    Create file Assets/Resources/API/mapBoxApi.txt and paste your MapBox Access token
  • Google Photos API
    Create file Assets/Resources/API/googlePhotosAPI.txt and paste (in each line: Google App ID, redirect URL, Encryption password


View your Moves app and Arc app/LocoKit location history summary on map




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