Node.js module for working with the NCBI API (aka e-utils).
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Node.js module to get data from the NCBI API (aka e-utils)

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You need to install the latest Node.JS first, please check or do the following:

# Ubuntu
sudo apt-get install npm
# Mac
brew install node
# Both
npm install -g n
n stable

To use bionode-ncbi as a command line tool, you can install it globally with -g.

npm install bionode-ncbi -g

Or, if you want to use it as a JavaScript library, you need to install it in your local project folder inside the node_modules directory by doing the same command without -g.

npm i bionode-ncbi # 'i' can be used as shortcut to 'install'


Check our documentation at or do:

bionode-ncbi --help


We welcome all kinds of contributions at all levels of experience, please read the to get started!

Communication channels

Don't be shy! Come talk to us 😃


We would like to thank all the people and institutions listed below!