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A curated list of Kotlin Multiplatform libraries & resources.
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This repository is archived and we are moved to new repository which will have all the Awesomeness of Kotlin Multiplatform, Which means Native + JVM + JS.

A curated list of Kotlin/Native and Multiplatform libraries & resouces that support full stack: Mobile(Android/iOS), Web(JavaScript), Backend and Desktop.



Name and Description Supported Platforms
Kotlinx Coroutines - Library support for Kotlin coroutines with multiplatform support. Java, Android, Android NDK, JS, iOS, macOS, Linux, Windows
Kotlinx Serialization - Kotlin serialization consists of a compiler plugin, which automatically produces visitor code for classes, and runtime library, which uses generated code to serialize objects without reflection. Java, Android, Android NDK, JS, iOS, macOS, Linux, Windows
Ktor - Framework for quickly creating web applications in Kotlin with minimal effort. Starting with 0.9.4, Ktor HTTP Client supports several platforms, using the multiplatform support. Java, Android, JS, iOS, macOS
Multiplatform Settings - Library for Multiplatform mobile apps, so that common code can persist key-value data. It stores things using SharedPreferences on Android and NSUserDefaults on iOS. Android, iOS, macOS
SQLiter - SQLiter is a SQLite driver for Kotlin Multiplatform, with the intended targets of JVM/Android and all flavors of Native that support the sqlite3 c libraries. Android, iOS, macOS
LocoLaser - Localization tool that able to generate Strings Repository class with common interface for both mobile platforms: Android and iOS. Android, iOS, macOS
suparnatural-threading - Convenient APIs for multi-platform multithreading on iOS and Android. Android, iOS
suparnatural-fs - Kotlin Multi Platform File System access library for iOS and Android. Android, iOS
suparnatural-cache - A superfast, thread safe in-memory cache with configurable hashing schemes backed by persistent stores with blocking/non-blocking I/O. Android, iOS


  • Kotlin-Native learning resouces


Your contributions are always welcome! Please read the contribution guidelines first.

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