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Coffee & Power is an app that creates a community of mobile technology workers who can find each other, find places to work together, reward each other for help, and build a resume.


Because we use CocoaPods to manage dependencies for our app there are a couple of steps you'll need to take to get it to build successfully.

Since this is an Xcode project, let's assume you're on OS X and ruby is already installed.

Make sure you have Xcode's command line tools installed. This can be done by going to Xcode->Preferences->Downloads. You should see the option to install Command Line Tools under the Components tab.

  1. Update rubygems to the latest version

    sudo gem update --system

  2. Install the cocoapods gem

    sudo gem install cocoapods

  3. Get cocoapods to pull down dependencies

    pod install

  4. Open candpiosapp.xcworkspace - NOT candpiosapp.xcodeproj!

  5. Make sure that the target in the top left is coffeeandpower, not Pods.

Xcode target

And that's it! You should be all setup to build the app.