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Welcome to Proethos2 repository!

ProEthos is an innovative platform for ethics review of human subjects research and it was developed by PAHO in collaboration with the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná (Brazil) to facilitate the review process of ethics committees. This platform improves the quality of ethics review and the accountability, transparency and efficiency of review processes, and ultimately improves the protection of research participants and catalyzes ethical research.

It is an online system that allows researchers to submit their studies for ethics review electronically. Committees then conduct the ethics review with the help of the tools included in the system that, in turn keeps track of every step of the review process. Finally, ProEthos allows committees to monitor approved studies.

ProEthos is free and adapts easily to the processes of each committee. It can be downloaded into each institution’s server or used on a cloud server. The information uploaded in the system is 100% confidential as no one but the entity downloading the system will have access to it.


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