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Gulden Payment Module for OpenCart

Standalone Gulden payment module for OpenCart v2.0+ that works with GuldenD via RPC.


✯ Real standalone Gulden module: receive your coins directly without any third-parties
✯ Clean and crisp module, no file modifications
✯ Compatible with every theme
✯ Automatic currency conversion when the Gulden payment was changed
✯ Minimum Order Total amount settings
✯ Custom Geo-Zone settings
✯ QR Code support
✯ 100% OpenSource under the GNU GPL v3 License


  1. GuldenD (this step requires the root access to install it)
  2. 80Gb of free disk space (os + block chain + website data)
  3. cURL module


  1. Copy all files from the upload directory into to the root of your store
  2. Install, configure and activate the Gulden module
  3. Enjoy!


NLG: GVcuKiuDGddtojwiyLhJC1BFHyuEqZ8nGo