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bitc is a thin SPV bitcoin client.

  • 100% C code,
  • support for linux, mac, OpenBSD platforms,
  • console based: uses ncurses,
  • home grown async network i/o stack,
  • home grown poll loop,
  • home grown bitcoin engine,
  • supports encrypted wallet,
  • supports connecting via Tor/Socks5,
  • multi-threaded,
  • valgrind clean.

WARNING: this app is under development and may contain critical bugs.





Ubuntu 13.10, Saucy Salamander

You first need to install the libraries this app uses:

   # sudo apt-get install git make clang libssl-dev
   # sudo apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev libncurses5-dev
   # sudo apt-get install libleveldb-dev libsnappy-dev
   # sudo apt-get install libstdc++-4.8-dev

then clone the git repository:

   # git clone

finally build and launch:

   # cd bitc && make
   # ./bitc
Mac OS

You need to install libcurl, leveldb, libsnappy and ncurses via port or brew.


The first time you launch the app, a message will notify you of the list of files & directory it uses.

bitc uses the folder ~/.bitc to store various items:

what where avg size
block headers ~/.bitc/headers.dat ~ 20MB
peer IP addresses ~/.bitc/peers.dat ~ 2MB
transaction database ~/.bitc/txdb < 1MB
config file ~/.bitc/main.cfg < 1KB
wallet keys ~/.bitc/wallet.cfg < 1KB
tx-label file ~/.bitc/tx-labels.cfg < 1KB
contacts file ~/.bitc/contacts.cfg < 1KB

A log file is generated in /tmp/bitc-$USER.log.

To navigate the UI:

  • <left> and <right> allow you to change panel,
  • <CTRL> + t to initiate a transaction,
  • type q or back quote to exit.

Encrypted wallet

bitc has support for encrypted wallets. The first time you launch the app, it will automatically generate a new bitcoin address for you, and the wallet file will have private key unencrypted.

To turn on encryption, or to change the encryption password:

  # ./bitc -e

The next time you launch the app, you may or may not specify -p on the command line. If you do, you will be able to initiate transactions. If you do not the dashboard will still be functional but you won't be able to initiate transactions.

Note that bitc encrypts each private key separately.

WARNING: please remember to make back-ups.

Importing existing keys

You need to modify your ~/.bitc/wallet.cfg so that it contains the private key as exported by bitcoin-qt with the command dumpprivkey. More on that later.

TOR / SOCKS5 support

Bitc can route all outgoing TCP connections through a socks5 proxy. Since TOR implements a SOCKS5 proxy, you just need to put the entry:


in your main config file to use bitc over Tor (for a local Tor client). If the Tor proxy is not running locally, you need to modify the config options:


.. in the file ~/.bitc/main.cfg. The default hostname:port is localhost:9050 on linux, and localhost:9150 on mac.

Watch-only Addresses

If you tag a key as

   key0.spendable = "FALSE"

in your ~/.bitc/wallet.cfg, bitc won't attempt to spend the bitcoins held by this address. This is not quite like a watch-only address, but we'll get there eventually.


There are still a variety of things that need to be fixed or implemented (cf TODO file), and some of these may explain the behavior you're seeing. If bitc crashes, please collect the log file along with the core dump and open a ticket on github:

Feedback, comments?

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any feedback or if you're planning to use this code in interesting ways. PGP: 1C774FA3925A3076752B2741054E32DFBEE883DB